Month: February 2018

Steps In Search Engine Optimization

Choose A Domain

The Cincinnati search engine optimization process begins with the choice of a suitable domain name for your project. If you have a brand, do not get complicated and use your name as a domain:

In the case of a project that does not yet have a mark behind, you can choose an exact match domain, a domain that matches the keyword you want to position. Example:

Along with the domain name you can choose the hosting, which is the space where your website will be hosted.

Do Keyword Research

Now you have to choose what keywords you aspire to position, for which you will have to do a keyword research. At the end of this part you will have a more or less extensive list of keywords to attack.

Design The Web Tree

With the keywords that you have taken in the previous step, you can create coherent web architecture. The urls tree is the set of pages that the web has and the hierarchy between them. Namely, a network will have a primary page, several secondary pages hanging from that main page, those pages in turn will hang others and so on in several levels of decreasing importance.

Create Quality Content

When the web is designed it is time to add the content. This content must be of first quality and, as is logical, focused on the keywords you want to position on each page (You cannot post a page of hats talking about ties).

If the texts do not come out of 10 to the first, do not worry, you will have time to retouch them as many times as you want, and in fact it is interesting to do it from time to time to advance positions in the search engines.

Optimize Seo On Page

You have to optimize the web in general and each page in particular. To maximize the entire network we will look at things like loading speed or cleaning HTML code. On each individual page you should be concerned that the url is friendly, has an attractive meta description, keyword density is right or there is a hierarchy of Hs.

Indexing The Web

At this point, your website is ready for its release. It’s time for Google to index it and start showing up in search results. In this post I tell you how to index your website quickly.

There Are Two Ways To Do This, One Good And One Bad

The “good” is not simple, requires work and effort, create useful and relevant content for users, define critical words or phrases, lift the chest and review how things are going around, and tune it to be chingona. You also have to build relationships within, towards other pages and other pages back to yours (link building), generate traffic, reputation management on the Internet and there we stop for the moment.

Naturally this does not happen overnight, for us, it is a process in which we work at least three months to achieve results.

The “bad” form known as “black hat SEO” is about creating pages solely for the purpose of page indexing robots finding them using chapusera tricks and search engine weaknesses. -How can this be bad? -. Simple, search engines are companies that offer that, search services. They as entrepreneurs apparently want to give an excellent service and that the results they provide are always relevant for the users.


Search engine optimization or as it is known by its acronym in English SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving the visibility and natural and organic positioning of a site in search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and apparently the God of the Internet: Google.